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In the beginning there was black. At Interieur 2006, the leading biennial design event in Belgium, TAL laboratories added a touch of gold to a deep black lighting element called DART. The wall-mounted luminaire radiated with an inner golden glow and immersed every interior in a classy and stylish visual splendor. TAL-adepts started making suggestions to transform other lighting fixtures into the blackest gold ever seen.

And so, TAL laboratories carried out more experiments resulting in a never before seen collection of lighting elements designed to bathe your interior in a warm and intimate glow. For exactly eleven years now, TAL has maintained its Black+Gold collection and with each new product, a version in black and gold was developed. The black housing of the products contrasts beautifully to their warm, golden interior.

At Euroluce 2017, the international lighting exhibition in Milan, TAL will once again proudly present this trendsetting Black+Gold collection. This time, it will be alternated with lighting fixtures that completely bathe in gold. For example, a version of the BERRIER in 24-carat gold will be presented. TAL's newest addition to the Black+Gold collection will be the DIABOLO, designed by Lieven Musschoot & Cas Moor.
Throughout the range, you will discover attractive fixtures reminiscent of thirties style, of jazz clubs and of royal interiors. With its unique character, the Black + Gold series offers that extra added aesthetic value to both classical and contemporary interiors. Black on the outside and gold on the inside, a mystifying lighting concept that will forever remain in style.

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