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With the wood collection DALSGAARD, a tribute to the Danish football player Henrik Dalsgaard, lighting manufacturer TAL takes its inspiration directly from nature. DALSGAARD is a natural ensemble, born from the bark of a solid oak tree. The lighting fixtures reflect the organic shapes of nature and the wood, with its fascinating veins, seems to embrace the light. That same light, in turn, brings the wood to life. DALSGAARD is a truly warm collection that stimulates all senses. 

The absolute highlight from the collection is no doubt VIENNA, a bare chandelier based on the original design of Austrian architect, Adolf Loos. By using wood, TAL lifts this stately chandelier to a higher level. VIENNA is a real eye-catcher with a classic design. The series also includes a number of lighting fixtures that can be both suspended or ceiling and wall mounted. All lighting fixtures share the same round, natural shape and state-of-the-art technique.

FABIAN, for instance, is equipped with LED technology and a matte diffuser that ensures that the light is evenly and beautifully distributed without compromising on efficiency. JAMES is a beautiful, organically shaped fixture, equipped with an elegant, cymbal-shaped reflector. The reflector is available in textured white, copper and brass. The latter finishing is new within TAL and proves to be very effective in combination with the warm wood. The light of the integrated LED module is draped over the reflector, which results in an unsurpassed interaction between pure materials. 
ROBAN is another lighting fixture from this collection that creates a perceptible and optically convincing experience. Like FABIAN, ROBAN is a classic in the TAL product range that is eminently suited for a wood finishing. ROBAN has the same reflector as JAMES but is fitted with an E27 socket. Mount a beautiful designer bulb in this very particular lamp cap and the picture is complete. In short, the wood collection from TAL presents the true beauty of nature in a bright light. DALSGAARD is made in Belgium with an absolutely beautiful Scandinavian touch. 

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