The 1U is a compact and versatile profile system consisting of an aluminium extrusion profile complete with a satin diffuser. The profile measures only 20mm by 35mm and has been specially developed to be used with LED strips; the ideal combination to obtain tight, uninterrupted light lines tailored to the customer's requirements. The 1U profile is suitable for both surface mounted and trim-less installation (1U FLUSH). The surface-mounted version can be installed in several ways: as a downlight on the ceiling, on the wall or as a mirror light (1U WALL). With suspension sets it is also possible to suspend the profile. A derivative of the 1U profile is the 1U SLIM; this profile is only 23 mm high and is intended for direct lighting applications. Thanks to its minimal size, the 1U SLIM is extremely suitable for mounting in a recess and is often used to highlight certain shapes in architecture or to highlight a specific area with light. For lighting projects in the bathroom or externally under soffits etc, we can treat the LED strip in the 1U with a two-component resin to protect it against the ingress of water and dust (1U IP65). The sleek, geometric design in combination with optimal light distribution makes the 1U suitable as versatile design lighting for an extremely spacious effect. The 1U is available in anodised silver, textured white or textured black.