The 2U50 is a versatile profile system consisting of an aluminum extrusion profile fitted with LOW UGR modules. These modules are optimized for workplace lighting and provide high efficiency and a pleasant working light. With the UGR modules you can choose between a 50° light beam or an 80° light beam. Ideal for any office. The 2U50 profile system can be used in combination with m10 modules on which several of our m10 spots or pendants can be mounted. The electronic control gear, DALI or not, is already integrated in this system, so that the 2U50 profile can be connected directly to the mains voltage. The 2U50 is 40 mm wide - 50 mm high and is custom made so that you can always get enough light at the intended location. The profile system is suitable for surface mounting. The profile can also be suspended by means of suspension sets. The 2U50 is the ideal system for projects looking for a powerful and energy-efficient lighting solution with LEDs. The 2U50 is available in textured white or textured black.