Boriti is a compact profile system with an attractive geometric shape. The base of the Boriti is an aluminium enclosure which is supplied with either a satin or prismatic polycarbonate diffuser. The satin diffuser is ideal for general lighting; the prismatic diffuser in turn boosts the light output and improves the UGR value. You can equip the Boriti profile with a double row of the powerful, T5-replacing LED system resulting in as much as 4630 lumens per meter. An important advantage is the ability to integrate directional LED modules into the profile, which provides optimal directional light for task and general lighting. In the same design you can therefore combine functional and detail lighting. The Boriti is a versatile, streamlined beacon of light that can be both suspended and surface mounted. The profile is made to measure and is available in anodised silver, textured white and textured black.