micro obo ubo


The Obo/Ubo product family includes TAL floor recessed uplights that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The difference between these two fixtures lies in the fact that in the case of Ubo it sits completely flush with the floor while in the case of Obo the bevelled edge of the spotlight sits on the floor surface. These floor uplights are available in two sizes: micro and mini. Micro Obo/Ubo is the smallest in the range and has a diameter of only 55 mm. A version with a focus ring is also available of this miniscule floor uplight, where the LED sits in a recessed position for greater optical comfort and allows you to opt for a very refined finish in two colours. Mini Obo and Ubo are in turn available in round or square shape and have different beam angles available e.g. you can use a small floor uplight to light up a tree or facade. With a floor uplight from the Obo/Ubo family you create depth and atmosphere in the garden, entrance hall, driveway, terrace or patio. All floor uplights are IP67 rated and are available in anodised silver or brushed stainless steel 316 which is also electropolished for the best possible protection against the elements. The floor uplights are also very easy to install thanks to mounting tube accessories.