Oscar is an atypical lighting profile designed by Kurt Wallaeys. Due to the asymmetry and versatility of the profile, it can be used for different purposes. A shelf as worktop lighting is only one of the possible applications that make the profile unique and multifunctional. The asymmetry also provides anti-glare so that good lighting comfort is guaranteed when the profile system is used in office projects. The linear LED modules can be offered with tuneable white modules so that the colour temperature can be adjusted. With the addition of micro downlights and directional spotlights, the Oscar profile can meet all lighting requirements. The downlights and directional spotlights can be supplied with Halosphere NXT, the dim to warm technology, which is ideal to adjust the lighting atmosphere within the same project. The ingenious locking system ensures that no screws are visible and the profile can be opened at any time, making installation very easy.