Just as artist Lucio Fontana concentrated for hours on a stretched canvas, only to turn it into a spatial concept with an accurate knife stab, so the architect concentrates on a project until the right layout unfolds to him. TAL follows in Fontana's footsteps and offers the architect the opportunity to compose the light in a building immediately according to his wishes. The tool par excellence for connecting light and space is the Taglio, a slim and sleek recessed profile for LED strips that is made to measure. What’s practical about the Taglio is that you can place the light wherever you want. Because the diffuser is recessed deep into the profile, it looks as if the light has been cut into the building. The light seems to merge with the architecture so that you can define the space or architecturally divide it into different parts. The Taglio is an important light innovation in interior architecture and thanks to the architectural character of the profile in combination with optimal light distribution, light is no longer just an addition. A new spatial concept emerges in which light is inextricably linked to the space and thus contributes to the total experience of the interior.