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With Beaufort, TAL launches a brand new LEDtechnology that will knock the lighting world off its feet by a metaphorical fierce gust of wind. The name ‘Beaufort’ is put together from the words ‘beau’ and ‘fort’; a combination of beauty and power, splendor and strength. This combined action of beauty and power reveals itself in the fact that Beaufort delivers a pleasant warm white light of 2700K ( the atmosphere of the incandescent light bulbs ) together with a high output; a combination that was, up until now, impossible to obtain. Beaufort does not only produce a powerful and a well-defined beam, the module also looks splendid and refined. In short: Power meets beauty.




Beaufort makes use of the chip-on-board technology (COB), a production technique where the chips are mounted directly on the PCB. The chips are encapsulated by a phosphorus coating which isolates and protects them. This makes it possible to produce a higher efficiency than any other combination or by mixing leds. The different, adjacent chips in one chip-on-board module act as one singular led which, by means of a high output lens, casts a perfect light beam without any shadows.