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POWER MEETS BEAUTY (the story continues…)

After launching the successful Beaufort LED technology, TAL is now about to introduce an even more powerful version of this series. This technology has been designed for applications that require more light, including higher ceilings (>3m), retail spaces and so on.

While the Beaufort is a perfect alternative to the traditional QR-C51 halogen lamp, Beaufort² has been developed as such that in terms of shape it can easily replace the QR111 halogen lamp.

Beaufort² produces up to three times as much light compared to the regular Beaufort and is even more beautifully finished than its little brother. This is how POWER(X3) meets BEAUTY.


Beaufort uses the latest chip-on-board technology (COB), which is an assembly technology whereby LED chips are fitted directly onto the PCB. A phosphor layer is then added to isolate and carefully protect those chips. As a result, more luminous power is produced per consumption (W) compared to any other combination or mixing of LEDs. The multiple, adjacent chips in one chip-on-board module respond like a single LED, which through a high-efficiency lens casts a perfect beam of light without any false shadows. The COB led is the latest technology of CITIZENTM.

Two light colours available

BEAUFORT² is available in two colour temperatures. You may opt for 3000K, which is a warm white light and perfect for the project market as general or accent lighting.

Alternatively you may choose 2700K which provides more gentle light and therefore is more suitable for hospitality and residential applications.

A++ Label

The Beaufort² technology is efficient to such extent that in fact it is one of the first light sources Europe has granted the A++ label.

The Beaufort² module can be driven up to 500mA. At 500mA it will provide about 2000lumen, which comes down to an efficiency of more than 110lumen/W.

Provided the Beaufort² module is driven at 350mA it will still provide 1500lumen, which equals an efficiency of 115lumen/W.