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What's in a name?

After Beaufort and its successor Beaufort², TAL has once again developed pioneering LED technology. This time Haloled is introduced, a technology that combines the looks of a halogen lamp, more specifically a QR-C51 lamp, with all the advantages of a LED lamp. It is not a coincidence that the name 'Haloled' is a combination consisting of the words 'halogen' and 'LED'.

Luxeon M

Do not be mistaken: the Haloled certainly does use LEDs - high-quality LEDs, as one would expect from TAL. As with the Think Small. collection, TAL uses a specific type of LED for the HALOLED collection which yields a particularly high level of light quality and energy efficiency – the LUXEON M. In addition, LUXEON M equals 'freedom from binning', which means that the LEDs are so uniform that the same light colour is guaranteed throughout the entire project. In short, LUXEON M has all the essential factors that allow a lighting manufacturer such as TAL to work on creating an innovative lighting solution.

Back to the future

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a technology like Haloled sees the light of day as clients can hardly keep up with the evolution in the field of LEDs as today there is a suitable LED-based solution for every application. Using a technology like 'Haloled', TAL offers clients the ultimate alternative to traditional lighting solutions such as the halogen lamps we know from the previous decades. Haloled combines LED, lens and cooling module and is perfectly integrated into the device. You no longer need to scour shop shelves in search of that one suitable lamp. The client has a fully finished product at their disposal without having to worry about its lifespan and furthermore, we can substantially limit the installation depth thanks to this LED module. Because of this limited installation depth, a downlight with Haloled is ideally suited for passive houses. A downlight containing Haloled technology can be controlled at 700 mA, yielding 725 lumen and with a Vf (Forward Voltage) of only 11.2, more than one downlight can easily be connected to one convertor (driver). Haloled produces a warm, pleasant 2700K light (3000K is available on request) with a 36° beam angle, as is the case with the popular QR-C51 (MR16) lamp.

The Haloled technology is currently available in Simplon, Solid and Funnel products, but will in future also be implemented in various other TAL downlights and fittings.