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As with its Black and Gold collection, light creator TAL once again takes the world by storm with its latest light collection; Cu29. A truly divine ensemble, featuring luminous copper as sensuous and playful as the goddess Aphrodite herself, a goddess so often associated with this deliciously luxurious metal. Its curved, natural forms suggest purity, naturalness and sweet seduction. The unseen state-of-the-art technical fittings set the atmosphere.

Anyone who has even the slightest interest in beauty and stylish light will surely be seduced; heart and soul. It is clear these lights have been designed with a love for man and architecture in mind, in a just echo of the splendour of the ancient Greek goddess. The Cu29 collection is created in our ateliers by exceptional and experienced craftsmen. Every light is accompanied by a certificate stating its source and identifying its maker's name. These particulars guarantee that the Cu29 collection will always bring that bit extra to any interior.

Decorative lights are back and this unique set is surely looking at a wonderful future. The Cu29 collection is simply a conduit for scattering the pure emotion and desire of heavenly light. Passion and joy, informed by elegant aesthetics; strong elements which come together delightfully in this highly distinguished collection.
The Berrier, for example, proves irresistible to the gaze: a pendant lamp as an eye, sprinkling its sparkling light. Individually or as part of a set, this lamp is bound to cast its spell. Or again the cubist wall lamp Dart, open to endless interpretations with its pure, crisp, clear forms. The varnished copper playfully offsets the deep black of the textured lacquer in the Cu29 light collection. A sublime union of noble materials.

With its sensual design, the Nobel is introduced to the rhetoric of gripping emotion. The thin pendant light is little more than a copper rod; a clear and inspirational design for bundling light. This is complemented by the SPINOLA, which leaves no doubt that current designers are keenly intent on presenting beauty and technology in breathtaking simplicity.

The Roban 'shows off', softly luminous with joy, a cascade of effervescent light reminiscent of the renaissance. Cu29 heralds in a new era of supreme purity, clarity and swishing elegance, full of expectation and divine mythical symbolism. Aphrodite entices... Soon, the Cu29 collection will cast its light in all corners of the hearts and minds of those who embrace light and life.

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