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TAL, producer of lighting, launches 'Layers' at the 2016 Biënnale Interieur. To realize this lighting collection the company called on the talent of Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz. 'Layers' refers to the design project of lighting company TAL and reputable designer Sylvain Willenz. Before Willenz got to work, he defined TAL's DNA - TAL is known for its technical knowhow. To this DNA he added a new applicable dimension.

"By playing with shapes, materials, dimensions and technique 'layers' are formed. The designs express their finesse through these different layers," the designer explains. The collection looks quite simple in the first instance. “That is just an illusion," says Willenz. "Its complexity is hidden within the designs’ layers. Its flexibility is likewise contained in the various layers which the lighting is composed of." TAL's 'Layers' collection can be viewed at the INTERIEUR exhibition, Hall 4 stand 405, which has also been designed by Sylvain Willenz.

You can change the design’s beam and lighting image and create a different atmosphere in the room by playing with the various layers of the lightning fixtures Telecoop, Nelson, Rollo and Hubble. By moving the lower element of the tubular Telescoop and Nelson relative to the upper element, the targeted beam of light changes and with it, the (light) atmosphere in the room. With the circular designs Rollo and Hubble, it is possible to add an indirect wall or ceiling light by using one of the additional layers.
Layers have also been applied to finish the fixtures. Telescoop and Hubble are available in white and black aluminium with a powder-coated finish, resulting in a subtle, scratch-resistant surface structure. The Nelson and Rollo designs combine powder-coated black or white aluminium with a smooth layer of brass or copper.

The two or three-part tubular lighting designs, respectively, Nelson and Telescoop and the circular (Ø 30 and 40 cm) fixtures Rollo and Hubble are available with pendant lighting or as a luminaire to be mounted on the ceiling, wall or a rail. The designs are equipped with warm white LED lighting as standard, which consumes very little energy, doesn't heat up and is durable.

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