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Halosphere® changes the colour temperature from warm to a luxury warm, same as if it was a halogen light source.

This implicates that on full capacity output the colour temperature is 3000K, but when fully dimmed the colour temperature goes down to 2000K. Practically speaking we are transiting from warm white light to an extra warm white light. As such we obtain this warm soft light creating a welcoming hospitable surrounding. The comparison with the colour of a gently burning open fire or the amber coloured sunset is easily made.

And there is more
The use of Halosphere® technology means a huge saving on costs not to mention the lengthening of the life expectancy of the LEDs.

Halosphere® technology is the ideal solution for lighting applications not only in the hospitality environment but also within the domestic and well-being spa environment where an intimate warm atmosphere is very important.

On top of all these advantages Halosphere® is very user friendly. Halosphere® runs on 24V with 1-10V dimming and is parallel connected. Manier domotica systems are possible with the Halosphere®.