What are cookies and why does TAL NV use this?

The website of TAL NV uses cookies. These are small text files that your computer saves when you use our website. They map, among other things, information about your browser type, operating system, geographical location, website visit and personal preferences.

Why do we use cookies?

By using cookies we can offer you the best user experience. Thanks to cookies, we can continuously optimize our website, remember your preferences, so that you do not have to enter or download the same information every time you use our website, improve the safety and speed of our website, make our marketing more efficient, so that we can offer you a better service. can offer.

What we do not use cookies for?

We use the information we collect only within TAL NV. We do not pass on your details to third parties. In addition, everything is processed anonymously.

What types of cookies are there and what do they serve for?

We can divide the cookies we use into the following categories:

Essential cookies Essential cookies are cookies that are necessary for a website to function. They ensure that basic functions such as page navigation, security and load time can work.

Functional cookies Functional cookies are cookies that keep information about your choices and preferences on a website. For example, they remember your language choice, login details or the region in which you live.

Analytical cookies Analytical cookies collect information about the behavior of website visitors and the performance of the website. The website can be improved on the basis of the results and visitors will receive a better user experience.

Marketing cookies Marketing cookies follow the surfing behavior of website visitors and, based on that, create a user profile. That profile is used to personalize the browsing experience and, for example, to display personalized offers, advertisements, newsletters and such that match your interests.

Which cookies are placed through our site?

First party cookies TAL NV mainly uses first-party cookies or direct cookies that serve to improve your user experience on our website. This means that they only collect information on our website itself. They arrange the technical part of the website and remember certain things of the visitor, such as the choice of language.

Third party cookies In addition, there are also third parties with a different domain name that place cookies via the website of TAL NV. Examples are Google and Facebook. They keep track of the surfing behavior of users and create a user profile based on that data.

How can you disable the cookies?

You can also disable the cookies, delete them or change the settings for cookies, although our website will not be able to work optimally in that case. Do you want to change the settings for cookies? Then you can find the instructions for different browsers here:


TAL NV has the right to change this cookie statement. This cookie policy was last modified on 06/04/2018.